When you make the biggest purchase of your life with a home, or build a facility for the community, it has to be functional, practical and fit for purpose. We believe it should be beautiful as well, and beautifully made.

We believe beauty, although expressed differently socially, culturally and contextually, stirs our soul through its presence and contributes to the richness and fabric of everyday life.

We express it as ornament, which occurs in three scales: image in the landscape, composition and detail. It is also expressed as integrated, applied and discrete elements.

We design using an initiative process that moves between idea, space, geometry, pattern, colour, texture, material and draw reference from mathematical proportions and harmony in nature.

How do we go about master planning? From sighting the landscape and working with natural and created elements on each site. We acknowledge the vision and idea behind the project to create sources, journeys and habitats. We define the spaces with geometry and scale. Structural forces are defined by the geometry. Pattern, rhythm and movement in the geometry. Materials give substance to the form. Textures, colours and ornament bring life to the building as an organism and a reflection of the ideas it embodies.

A plan might display a geometric pattern, an elevation might express elements of the plan in different colours and materials.

It is through the dance between ideas, art and artisanship that we imbue our work with qualities beyond the functional and practical, and attempt, in the spirit of artistic endeavour, to create something that is beautiful and speaks to us.