Paul Barnett Design Group (PBDG) is a multi-award-winning architecture firm based in Canberra, that offers a full range of Architecture and Project Management services.

PBDG works at the leading edge of environmental sustainability, with recognition and awards in Passiv Haus design, 10-star housing and Environmentally Sustainable building design in Education, Institutional Architecture and the Private Sector. The buildings PBDG create are built to extremely high standards for durability and low maintenance. A range of Procurement and Cost Management strategies are engaged to create these results.

With over 25 years’ experience in the industry, PBDG continues to deliver a diverse range of projects to Canberra and regional NSW, with a company philosophy that is strongly underpinned by a commitment to quality management systems and intelligent design methods.

PBDG employs an integrated systems approach that combines the principles from Passiv Haus, Green Star and the Living Building Challenge. These systems include techniques which extend beyond the building, including water-harvesting, biophilic design and natural, organic landscapes.  

The company is also a strong advocate for beauty in the built environment and consistently works with artists, artisans and trades people to develop and create beautiful and enduring building and landscape environments. The firm promotes Artisanship in all sectors of the Building Trades and particularly in Brickwork, Timber, Glass, Steel and interior and exterior cladding systems.